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Georgia Peach Body Butter ParfaitWe would like to discuss with you some of the advantages of using our All Natural  Handmade products. One of the things we at Bella Ann are proud of is the fact that our products never sit on a warehouse shelf and are made fresh, specifically for you.

The main benefit of our all-natural products are the ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil etc. The products are eco-friendly, gentle to your skin with no synthetic lathering agents, artificial colors, or other harsh chemicals, therefore our products do not strip your skin of its natural chemicals. These amazing all-natural products are mainly composed of plant-derived ingredients

One interesting fact about these products is that it takes an astounding 220lbs of lavender flowers to make 1lb. of essential oils. Lavender oil provides your skin with the necessary nutrients for maintaining its health. It also offers a heaping dose of antioxidants for the skin, which helps repair all of the damage that the free radicals cause on a daily basis.

Bella Ann hand made soap is cold processed which is an amazing benefit. Cold pressing maintains the proper amount of moisture to the skin because of the precise balance of essential oils and glycerin. Bella Ann soap is highly beneficial to those with sensitive skin and skin problems. Long-term use of our soap may help solve the problems of eczema, wrinkles, stretch marks, or psoriasis. This organic soap allows the skin to remain hydrated several hours after use.

Essential oils are found in different parts of a plant. This liquid substance can be used to aid in a person’s physical and mental health. These oils are able to enter our body through the skin. By using these oils, moods can be enhanced, pain can be relieved, fatigue can be diminished, inflammation can be calmed and germs can be killed naturally.

Example usage for essential oils:

• Lemon for nausea
• Neroli for stretch marks
• lavender for headaches

Note: all products contain nut extract and need to be kept in cool dark place and finally since products are made of all natural ingredients the shelf life may not be as long as chemically enhanced products.

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