Anti Aging Parfait


Why we love it:

Say goodbye to those mundane body butters! You’ve been there and done that. By hacking the hands of time, with our Bad Bella parfaits, we were able to develop the perfect product for the young, sassy and sexiness that lives within us. This luxurious (8)eight butter blend combined with age-defying ingredients and hand-picked international aromas, will have your skin looking younger and smelling fresher than ever. Now, removing your clothes has never looked and smelled so good!

What it serves:

Incomparable moisture, vitamins and heaping amounts of long-lasting fragrance

Directions to a younger, tighter you: After bathing and drying your sexy skin, apply a small amount of Anti Aging Parfait to the palm of your hand. Gently warm the parfait onto your skin in a circular motion. Feel the nourishing ingredients absorb into your skin as you watch the wrinkles fade away. Be prepared to say hello to a new you!

Luxury Ingredients:  Shea Butter (restores elasticity to the skin), Mango Butter (helps soften skin), Kokum Butter (helps treat stretch marks), Coconut Butter (wrinkle buster), Blueberry Butter (wrinkle buster), Black Goji Butter (skin softener), Black Currant Butter (wrinkle buster), Cranberry Butter (moisturizer), Fragrance Oil (keeps you smelling good!), Almond Oil (helps protect skin from sun damage), Beta Carotene (helps protect skin from UV damage), Rosehip Oil (aids in cell regeneration), Squalane (wrinkle buster), Retinal (wrinkle buster), Vitamin E (antioxidant properties), Vitamin C (promotes collagen production), Vitamin K (elasticity enhancer) and Vitamin B12 (moisturizer).

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4 oz, 8 oz

Bad Bella Scents

Awaken, BangKok, Batu, Booty So Fresh, Crabby Abby, Daddy London, Jammu, JoyCe’, Juicy dreams, L for Lisa, Legs Wide Open, Lire L’amour, Love note, Lust, Lusty Peach, Mailman’s Child, PuzzyCat69, Ride ‘Em Cowboy, Scent 125, Squeeze my Lemon, Sydney, Vanille Rose


  1. Armand K

    Love this smells so fresh

  2. Nadine Thomas

    The Squeeze my Lemon scent is lovely, fresh and just the right amount of citrus smell for me, the texture is super smooth and it melts into your skin without any sticky residue. Definitely two thumbs up!

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