Shower Silk


Why we love it:

Have you ever dreamt of drenching your skin in liquid silk? Well, now is the perfect opportunity! This iconic, one-of-a-kind shower silk formula gently cleanses your skin, leaving it supple and smelling delectable!

What it serves:

Silky, cleansing and moisturizing properties combined with the most astounding scents on earth.

Directions to a new beginning:
Thoroughly wet your beautiful body, washcloth, or loofah with water. Dispense Cleansing Silk onto washcloth or loofah. Rub it together to create a luxurious lather. Once your Cleansing Silk is evenly distributed on your cleansing tool of choice, get to work nourishing your skin in a circular motion. Happy cleansing!

Luxury ingredients: Spring water (clean start), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (sensitive skin foaming agent), Lauryl Glucoside (sensitive skin cleansing agent), Salt (bonding agent), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (sensitive skin cleanser), Propylene Glycol (skin moisturizer), Diazolidinyl Urea (preservative), Methylparaben (preservative), Propylparaben (preservative), Citric Acid (age reversing properties), RoseHip Oil (aids in cell regeneration), Disodium EDTA (product stabilizer), Beta Carotene (helps protect skin from UV damage), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (anti aging benefits), Argon Oil (skin softener), Coconut oil (skin moisturizer), Avocado oil (protects from UV damage), Vitamin E (antioxidant properties).

Additional information


16oz, 4 oz

Bad Bella Scents

Awaken, BangKok, Batu, Booty So Fresh, Crabby Abby, Daddy London, Jammu, JoyCe’, Juicy dreams, L for Lisa, Legs Wide Open, Lire L’amour, Love note, Lust, Lusty Peach, Mailman’s Child, PuzzyCat69, Ride ‘Em Cowboy, Scent 125, Squeeze my Lemon, Sydney, Vanille Rose


  1. Tyree Smith

    Yummy yummy this is so lux ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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